Welcome to my world!

Follow me through rural Texas and Louisiana’s Cajun country! I hope you enjoy my story!


I love my home state and hope to show some of it’s beauty and uniqueness with my story. Watch out there’s a monster lurking, waiting to strike!

On-Line Description

Author Shawn Beasley captivates readers with the enthralling saga of two southern families-the Gauthiers from the South Louisiana bayou country and the Thomases from rural Texas-and the nightmare that will ultimately touch them both. In her sweeping and richly evocative novel, Beasley unfolds two remarkable family histories, populated by unforgettable, deeply human characters, and then rocks their worlds with tragedy and true horror. A novel that succeeds brilliantly on many levels, Killing the Rougarou is, at once, moving and terrifying, tense and thrilling, while capturing the sights, sounds, and vibrant life of Louisiana's Cajun country and Brazos County, Texas. -Worldwind Virtual Book Tours and Author Solutions